Home visit: Ann, Coventry

I visited Ann at her home in the suburbs of Coventry on 18th June. Ann came to England in 1963 and worked in the ‘care’ sector all of her working life. Since retirement Ann has worked in a voluntary capacity for Age Concern and on the reception desk of their free will writing service. Ann’s small flat is located on the top floor of a house that is owned by a Housing Association.

Ann has good friends but no family in England and is keen to return to Ireland while she is still young enough to be active and involved with the local community.

Ann said she has no health concerns, “I haven’t seen a doctor in years” and cycles and walks everywhere.
Born in Laois, Ann’s family moved to Kildare where most of them still live. She would be interested in considering anything that comes up in either county. Ann receives the British State pension and a small private pension from the Council. She also receives help with the rent and council tax because the British State pension has not kept up with rising prices.

Ann said she is anxious to move back with the support of Safe Home as ‘doing so alone would be daunting’.

Outreach & Advocacy Officer


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