Advice & Information

We provide an information and advisory service to anyone (regardless of age or circumstances) who may be contemplating returning or moving to Ireland.

Are you thinking of returning or moving to Ireland and need clear up to date information on Housing, Welfare, Healthcare, Banking and more?

  • Is coming home the right option for me?
  • Can I apply for housing via the Safe Home?
  • I have applied for housing via the Safe Home, what happens now?
  • Can I apply for Council Housing in Ireland?
  • Would I get help with my rent if I come back and rent privately in Ireland?
  • Am I entitled to free healthcare in Ireland?
  • What benefits/entitlements might I qualify for?
  • I was born in Ireland, am I automatically entitled to welfare on return home?
  • Where do I go to get application forms for housing / healthcare/benefits & entitlements?
  • Can I get help completing applications?
  • What documentation do I need to bring home with me?
  • Will my current income transfer to Ireland?
  • If I need day to day support, can I get home help or a care package?
  • I have moved back to Ireland already, can Safe Home help me?

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Moving country is a huge step and there are a lot of questions and issues to take into consideration. Safe Home is here to help.

The vital advice is to do your research first and come prepared with a good ‘paper trail’ of back up documentation. This will help to ease the transition into the system here in Ireland.

We can also link you in with other relevant advice and support services, here in Ireland and abroad

Our free confidential service is aimed at anyone thinking of making the move, regardless of age or circumstances, so please do CONTACT US